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For general upholstery, canvas, pvc or rubber products.
The most versatile machines to have evolved over the years, most of which incorporate large bobbins, compound feed (needle feed), alternating pressers (walking feet) and a back tack facility. The most popular are within this catagory.
Sails and Boat CoversSails and Boat Covers.
A range of machines for manufacturers of sails and boat covers.
Box or Knife pleating for manufacturers of Rosettes
Webbing, Slings and RestraintsWebbing, Slings and Restraints.
Dowlings can service the webbing or slings manufacturer from the two opposing ends of sewing machine technology, the highly efficient electronic programmable pattern sewing machine, and at the other end the big boys, capable of sewing with threads and thickness of webbing that would make most sewing machines weep.
After working closely with blind manufacturers, Dowlings sewing machines have selected and supplied a range of cost effective machines to raise the productivity and quality of the finished product, all of which are illustrated within this category.
Curtains and Soft FurnishingsCurtains and Soft Furnishings.
For the professional or serious home furnisher thinking of upgrading from a domestic machine. This catagory covers a range of machines with the ability to easily handle a wide range of materials and applications.
Tents, Tarps and TiltsTents, Tarps and Tilts.
For polyprop or canvas tarps, PVC Tilts, Marquees, or Military tentage.
Proven to be the most capable machines in this arena, the four machines shown within this catagory have no problem in fulfilling the demands put upon them.
Bag ClosingBag Closing.
For closing packaging bags as used in the food or pet products industry.

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