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Thread SnipsThread Snips.
Thread snips, straight and curved blades.
Tailors ShearsTailors Shears.
Forged Steel Tailors shears. from 8 - 12 inches
Soft gripSoft grip.
Smooth rubber coated handles for extra comfort.
Various formats and sizes in a combination of colours.
Pinking & craft edgePinking & craft edge.
A selection of Pinking shears and varied edge scissors for craft and textile work.
Left HandLeft Hand.
A selection of scissors for the left handed.
Sewing ScissorsSewing Scissors.
A selection of scissors for all your sewing needs.
Embroidery ScissorsEmbroidery Scissors.
Slim and sharp blades with fine, precise points, for trimming out loose threads on detailed work.
Household ScissorsHousehold Scissors.
Scissors for domestic use.
Dressmaking ShearsDressmaking Shears.
A selection of dressmaking shears, for easy fabric cutting.
Multi-use ScissorsMulti-use Scissors.
A selection of multi-use scissors for craft and textile materials.
Hobby ScissorsHobby Scissors.
For detailed cutting of intricate shapes in paper, yarn, cloth, and other crafting materials.
Quilting ScissorsQuilting Scissors.
Quilting Scissors are used to cut easily through heavy quilting material.
Stainless steel blades ensure longevity in use, and a keen cutting edge.

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