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dBrother #90 Embroidery Bobbin thread  :- White5 x 1100mtr Reel Pack


Bobbin thread produced specifically for Brother Embroidery machines, strong, soft and smooth to ensure a constant tension and a balanced stitch.

Recommended for use with :-
Price: £23.33 (£28.00 Inc. VAT)

dPRH300 : XC5954-051 : Embroidery Hoop Extra - Large


Sewing area : 200mm x 300mm

For all Brother PR Machines

A genuine Brother spare part
Price: £46.66 (£55.99 Inc. VAT)

eSystem 130/705H MSCHMETZ


Microtex Needle

With very slim acute point for easier piercing of very fine or densley woven fabrics. For precise stitching of edges, also for silk, microfibre fabrics, coated materials, foils and artificial leather.
Manufactured to the highest standard by Schmetz of Germany.
Price: £2.54 (£3.05 Inc. VAT)

ePRPH360 : Extra Large Frame (360x200)


For Brother PR1000 Machines only.

A genuine Brother Spare Part
Price: £86.66 (£103.99 Inc. VAT)

f System 130/705H LLSCHMETZ



With cutting point (LL=twist point) for easier penetration. For leather, artificial leather and similar materials.
Manufactured to the highest standards by Schmetz of Germany.
Price: £3.00 (£3.60 Inc. VAT)

fPRPQF200 : Quilt Frame (200x200)


Brother quilt frame for PR machines.

For Brother PR655 & PR1000 series machines .
Price: £104.16 (£124.99 Inc. VAT)

fXC7206-001 : Bobbin Case


A Genuine Brother spare part
Price: £15.98 (£19.18 Inc. VAT)

g System 130/705H WINGSCHMETZ


Hemstitch Needle

With a 'wing' on each side of the needle blade which pushes the fabric aside. for decorative seems and hemstitching in loosely woven fabrics.

Needle sizes NM 100 and NM 120
Price: £2.08 (£2.50 Inc. VAT)

gPRPJF360 : Jumbo Frame


The largest of the Brother PR1000 cloth frames. A massive 360mm x 360mm embroidery area. Large enough for the rear panels of jackets or for decorative wall art.

For Brother PR1000 Machines only.

A genuine Brother Spare Part
Price: £174.16 (£208.99 Inc. VAT)

hSystem 130/705H METSCHMETZ


Metallic Needle

With a very long eye (2mm in all sizes). For sewing with special effect and fancy threads, parti-cularly for metallic threads.

Needle sizes NM 80 and NM 90
Price: £3.71 (£4.45 Inc. VAT)

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